Macro Recipe: Garden Peas with Chorizo

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As a child I never really liked peas and thats more than likely because the only way they were served to me was microwaved and boiled... without any really seasoning other than salt. Unfortunately that's the way most people are served vegetables these days so it's no wonder parents have trouble getting their kids to eat their veggies.


One evening I was asked to cook frozen peas so I looked at what else I had in the freezer to see what I could use to make them actually taste nice. I always have some chorizo slices frozen for adding to other dishes so I thought why not. I combined that with some red onion and what I got is now my favourite way of eating frozen peas.


Seeing as this is a blog aimed at health you might be wondering why I would encourage eating a processed meat like chorizo? Well, yes, chorizo is processed and yes it is very high in fat but as any good scientist knows, the dose makes the poison. By that I mean that small, infrequent amounts of certain foods won't negatively impact your health in any meaningful way. 


On top of that, a little chorizo adds a lot of flavour so you don't need to use much to add an incredible depth of savoury goodness to a dish. 


To really work with the flavour of the chorizo you can also add some smoked paprika at the end which turns this dish into a masterpiece.


macros, protein, fat, carbs, garden peas, chorizo, side dish
*Macros do not include non-starchy vegetables as I find counting veg to be time consuming and unnecessary.
macros, protein, fat, carbs, thai curry, rice, homemade, curry, tasty
The addition of chorizo and red onion transforms frozen peas into an incredible side dish

Ingredients (makes 2 portions)

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  • 150-200g frozen green peas
  • 15g chorizo
  • 1 small red onion
  • Salt & black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp smoked paprika (optional)




  1. Chop the chorizo into small chunks (about 5mm X 5mm)
  2. Add the chorizo to a frying pan over a medium heat and allow the fat to render out 
  3. Slice the onion into thin semi-circles
  4. and as soon as the chorizo starts to take on color add the onion and fry it in the rendered chorizo fat.
  5. Once the onion has softened but before it starts to brown, add the frozen peas (no need to defrost them first).
  6. Once the peas have heated through season with salt, black pepper and the smoked paprika (if using).
  7. Cook for another minute or two while stirring constantly.
  8. Serve immediately with your main dish of choice


This goes really well with chicken dishes (especially anything seasoned with paprika) and with barbecue or grilled meats.

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