I'm good at my job because I love what I do: helping people achieve their health and fitness goals... but don't take my word for it.


Here is what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about my work.





"Richie has been a tremendous aid to me in successfully putting into practice a lifestyle change that has been sorely overdue. His knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition is extensive and his easy going approach to client interaction makes every consultation seem like a friendly chat. But you always end the consultation with a comprehensive and scientific diet and exercise plan, tailored to your individual needs. His Masters degree in Nutrition & Metabolism has given him the technical edge needed to round out his decade and a half of personal experience in strong, healthy living.

Thanks to his help I was able to increase my strength to new personal records, while maintaining a balanced body composition. For anyone looking to gain strength, lose weight or just live a healthier life I would recommend Richie and Be More Nutrition. He can tie together the necessary knowledge from disparate fields into a cohesive whole allowing you to make progress towards your goals. The value of his consultations are quite simply life long."

"I've been consulting with Richie for almost 2 years.
I consider myself a pretty complex case due to having a number of already known food allergies and intolerances; in addition to needing to fuel both strength training and frequent dancing; and manage nutrition during intermittent travel for work.
Richie has helped me with all of this in four main ways:
Firstly, he's provided guidance on nutrition to support my physical activities - in fact, enhancing my performance in these by educating me on the importance of different macro-requirements for different activity types (e.g. carbs Vs. fats as energy sources). Secondly, he's developed this first point further by advising on the differences in the various sources of each macro - in terms of quality, how my body processes each and the micronutrient values. Thirdly, he's done both of these while simultaneously always having suggestions on easy and healthy additions to enhance flavor and aesthetics of meals (even if I'm too lazy to implement this part...).

However, the biggest and most valuable thing I've gained from working with Richie on my nutrition is freedom in the management of my diet thanks to gaining a much better understanding of what my body needs and does not need. This has come through both understanding the macros/micros, as previously mentioned; the importance, in some cases, and irrelevance, in others, of  many traditional eating patterns; and finally, Richie's understanding of the need to make nutritional advice practical and as straight-forward and uncomplicated as possible.
This has enabled me to maintain and develop my nutrition in a much more flexible manner in my everyday life."





Richie Kennedy

Fitness Freak



"I first got involved with Richie when I was looking to bring someone into my own online nutrition business.

I'd known Riche from when he trained in my gym & from day one, his passion & knowledge for training & nutrition really impressed me. So to no surprise he up-skilled and completed his masters in nutrition & metabolism proving his commitment to this industry. The person I wanted to get involved in my online nutrition program was someone that could relate their knowledge of nutrition and break it down into layman’s language for regular, busy Joes & Janes. Someone who could make sure the guidance they were given was implementable and Richie ticked all of these boxes.

His knowledge and empathy with clients has been a massive addition to my business. As the saying goes, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care... and this really sums up Richie for me. His knowledge is second to none, but it's the way he applies it that impresses most."

"I met Richie more than 8 months ago, in my current gym in Barcelona.

What I like about being coached by Richie is his patience, emphasis on safety and of course, quality of technique. As a woman, my prime fitness goal was to focus on lower body training (glutes, hamstrings). Secondly, I wanted to improve my upper body (chest, shoulders).

Like most women, when it comes to weight training, not all of us are confident enough to actually try the bench press or step in the squat rack. Thanks to Richie, he assured me about the opposite.

Also he has developed in me the confidence to not be afraid of heavy training. But, most importantly – his focus on the actual performance of the movement is remarkable.

Another great point which I like about working with Richie is that he focuses on teaching you the basic but most effective exercises, not complicated movements you would forget the minute after you are done with a set.

Thanks to Richie I'm more determined with not only my workout, but also my diet plan as he showed me that you can actually enjoy your meals without feeling guilty – all based on healthy nutrition.

If your goal is to loose weight, improve your training routine or you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and want to start lifting weights... (which can only make you prettier) – Richie and Be More Nutrition should definitely be your first choice."








"I started with be more nutrition because I was an extremely active person however, had no clue what I should be eating. I usually ate big portions, a lot of the time and had a tendency to build muscle fast. I also wanted to give up smoking and felt that this plan would help me manage what I was eating.

I wasn't overweight beginning this plan and my goal wasn't to loose too much weight either, I just wanted to look leaner and learn to eat properly. On completion, I achieved these goals. I know exactly what to eat and how much of it to eat. Being on the plan, combined with going to the gym helped me to give up smoking too.

Even now that my plan is finished, I continue to track my food. I don't stick to it religiously, I think you have to have fun and enjoy the good times without worrying about what your eating. I think as long as you get back on track the next day, that one meal, or one day isn't going to matter."

"When Richie originally asked me to add my testimonial to his website, I felt really honoured, but I also had an internal conflict. 

Since I started with his program, 3 months earlier, many things have changed in my life. I started going to the gym (making amazing progress with weight-lifting), I also started using my phone as an active tool to record my food intake, and I had even tracked my body changes with pictures every week. All that was amazing, but as I still had not achieved my final goal weight, I felt that maybe something was wrong. 

Now the summer has almost past and I see that there is still a long way to go, but all those changes have sunk into my life and thanks to Richie and his wonderful work done with me, I feel confident enough to follow in the right track of this new way of living. He showed me with an exquisite diligence and professionalism how TO BE MORE and I'll consider it as a precious gift for the rest of my life. Thanks Richie for all your help!"








"I found the whole experience to be a knowledge building time period. I lost some weight but definitely lost cm around my waist and found that even though I lost size / body fat I gained strength.

I lead a busy work and family lifestyle and feel I didn't follow the plan 100% . If you had the commitment levels you would see amazing results and I will definitely be working with Be More Nutrition again in the future. I enjoyed the workout program and the learning curve I was on with regards to food.

I am a personal trainer myself and I have gained some excellent personal knowledge as well as knowledge I now can share in a more understanding way with my clients.

If your looking for nutritional help and advice go no further , it's here with Be More Nutrition. Thanks very much Richie for your help".

"I had previously tried a number of "diets" that just didn't work. Reducing food intake and restricting myself only ended up in spontaneous binges, which in the long run were damaging. 

Following the understanding gained from Richie, I managed to reduce body weight from 79Kg to 72Kg over a 3 month period - nice and gradual. I also gained a wealth of knowledge around the world of macros. 

Richie's approach is different, at no stage did I feel I was restricted in anyway in terms of the food I could and do now eat. As a result I began to eat food that I had previously given up! The benefits of this plan presented by Richie are: Eat the food you love, gain the results you want and understand the reasons why you achieve these results. 

I wouldn't hesitate to work with Richie again, he has an extremely professional approach from the structured guidelines to the regular contact while all the time aiming to meet your needs. Top class service!"








"I've spent 4 months working with Richie. In that time, my strength has increased significantly. And while my weight has pretty much remained the same, the pictures and measurements tell a much different and better story. I have lost inches all over, my clothes fit way better, and my body composition has really improved. I've tried other exercise/nutrition plans in the past, but this time round something clicked and exercise/good nutrition has become a part of my everyday living. I still have my not-so-good days but I always get back on the wagon. If you put in the work then you will see the results.
Richie is attentive, informative and genuinely cares. While he sometimes told me what I didn't want to hear, he always told me what I needed to hear. If you are looking to learn the real facts about nutrition and exercise, doing something that allows you a flexible approach to eating & nutrition, then I would absolutely recommend Richie/BeMoreNutrition."

"I started working with Richie in January of this year and to say I am pleased I did is an understatement. Richie has been an incredible support to me in helping me find a healthy relationship with food and good overall health. Before I met Richie my diet was quite poor and I struggled to find the right balance between my food and training. His knowledge is second to none and he has given me the tools to keep progressing. Since meeting him my body composition has changed and I am maintaining my weight whilst eating a lot more calories than I could ever have imagined! My strength and energy levels have risen too! Not only is Richie an expert in his field, he is so nice and friendly to work with. He really sticks with you and supports you all the way. Regular contact was had and any questions I had/still have he is always there. This program has changed my thinking around food and is helping me to make better choices. Not only did my body composition change but my mind set too which is as equally important. You can easily get lost amongst the hundreds of "diets" that are out there but it's a lifestyle change that's important and Richie helps you to see that. Also he strips it all back to basics and gets rid of all the jargon that can put people off in starting their health & fitness journey. It can be quite intimidating starting off in any program but Richie's approach gives you the confidence to keep going. He is a huge inspiration! He would see strengths in you that you wouldn't in yourself at first. I couldn't recommend Richie highly enough and I am forever grateful for the support and knowledge he has given me"