Who am I?

Richie Kirwan

  • BSc Biological Sciences (First Class Honours)
    University College Cork, Ireland
  • MSc Nutrition & Metabolism (Distinction)
    University of Barcelona, Spain
  • PhD Candidate Nutrition & Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Liverpool John Moores University
  • Published author in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Former consultant researcher of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Barcelona


"Nutrition and Exercise have been my passions for almost 20 years.
As a teenager I was overweight, unfit and plagued by a lack of confidence due to my poor body image. Not any more.
Through my science-based education, my own personal trial and error experience and through working with so many clients over the years, 
I've learned and continue to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to being healthy, fit and happy with your body. 

Today, it brings me great joy to help people take control of their nutrition"

My Research Publications