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What's wrong with vegan meat alternatives?

hamburger, vegan burger, plant-based burger, healthy burger, vegetarian burger
Are the vegan meat alternatives appearing on the market really aimed at improving your health, like they claim to be?

There has been an explosion in vegan-friendly products on the market which is great in one way as people who don't want to eat animal products have many more options but are these products always good replacements for their animal-based counterparts? 

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Artificial Sweeteners: Do they help Weight Loss? Research Review

Weight loss, fat loss, diet, artificial sweeteners
Can using Artificial Sweeteners make weight loss easier?

Losing weight isn't easy. Some people can struggle with their weight for years and if you're reading this right now, you're probably one of those people. With that said, anything that can help make losing weight a little easier is definitely worth giving a try.


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The next time someone tells you protein is bad for you, let them read this

Protein supplements safe for health
Lot's of people freak out if you mention you're using a protein supplement but the truth is, not only can they be safe but they can also improve your health.

“Protein will destroy your liver”! “Protein will make your kidneys explode”. “Protein will give you cancer, bad eyesight, herpes, mad cow disease”... You name it, protein probably causes it... at least that’s what so many armchair experts like to say.


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Are you Losing the Right Kind of Weight?

losing body fat and maintaining muscle is more important than losing weight
Everyone assumes they just need to lose "weight" when they should be more concerned with the "type" of weight they lose

“I want to lose weight!” It’s quite possibly one of the most common self-improvement goals you’ll ever hear. The internet is literally over-loaded with tips on: “how to lose weight” or “how to drop 10lbs before the summer”. The only problem is, it’s probably the wrong goal. In this article I’m going to teach you what you really need to focus on to get the body you want and how to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

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Get Strong, Live Long

Toshisuke Kanazawa, Ernestine Shepherd, Andreas Cahling senior bodybuilders healthy aging
Toshisuke Kanazawa, Ernestine Shepherd & Andreas Cahling: Great examples of why it's an advantage to stay strong as you get older

We all want to live long, healthy lives. We want to be able to see our children grow up and play with our grandkids and live with vigor into our golden years. Well I can tell you that the fountain of youth does exist; the only problem is, it’s not as easy as taking a refreshing sip from some long hidden spring. Like anything worthwhile in life, you’ve got to work for it. 


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Macro Recipe: Japanese-Style Souffle Cheesecake

Low fat, low sugar, high protein, japanese style souffle cheesecake

Cheesecake is life. I can not begin to put into words how much I love a good, rich, sweet and creamy cheesecake... but I do. The only problem is that most cheesecakes are ridiculously high in calories of which most is fat and sugar... not exactly great if you're on a diet... but fear not, I have solved the problem.


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Cook More, Weigh Less

Eating in restaurants or out of the home leads to eating more calories, more fat and less healthy options.
When we eat out we tend to eat less-healthy options and more than we would at home.

Amongst the many changes people can make to permanently lose weight and get healthy, learning to cook (or at least PREPARE) your own food is probably the one that will have the most benefit for you in the long term.


That’s a pretty ballsy statement but I’m pretty confident that it’s true and I'm going to show you why.


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Omega 3: You're Doing it Wrong

oily fish, salmon, tuna, health source of omega 3 fatty acids
Fish like salmon and tuna are great sources or Omega 3, right?

Eat oily fish at least twice a week. Have chia & flax seed puddings. Snack on some walnuts!!! Sound familiar? These days, most people know that they need to get enough Omega-3 fatty acids into their diets but as with many subjects in nutrition, a lot of people are unsure of the best way to do it. Truth be told, most people who think they are getting enough Omega-3 are probably way off the mark.


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The World is Rigged Against Losing Weight... so what can you do about it?

not enough exercise, too much food, lead to weight gain, hard to lose weight
Modern life makes gaining weight very easy

Does it ever seem to you that gaining weight is just the easiest thing in the world? That no matter how many new diets and exercise plans you try, you always seem to be a little bit heavier at the end of the year? It’s almost as if some external forces are conspiring against you to make you plumper.

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Macro Recipe: Mini Chocolate Buffins (Buff Muffins)

What happens when you put regular chocolate muffins through a rigorous training regime of heavy weight lifting and on a healthy, high-protein, low-fat diet? You get Buff Muffins or Buffins and they're gonna make your healthy dessert dreams come true.


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